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Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Howland Blackiston

ISBN: 978-0-470-43065-1

Mar 2009

392 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition reviews the tools of the trade, including complete instructions for building and maintaining beehives; offers detailed and easy-to-follow guidelines for all phases of honey production--including harvesting, bottling, packaging and marketing your honey; explores theories into the recent unexplained collapse of colonies and its environmental and economic on society; and provides new information on mites and diseases and recommend changes in bee medication and treatments.

Foreward xvii

Introduction 1

Part I: Falling in Love with a Bug 7

Chapter 1: To Bee or Not to Bee? 9

Chapter 2: Life Inside the Honey Bee Hive 21

Part II: Starting Your Adventure 45

Chapter 3: Alleviating Apprehensions and Making Decisions 47

Chapter 4: Basic Equipment for Beekeepers 59

Chapter 5: Obtaining and Installing Your Bees 91

Part III: Time for a Peek 109

Chapter 6: Opening Your Hive 111

Chapter 7: What to Expect when You're Inspecting 125

Chapter 8: Different Seasons, Different Activities 145

Part IV: Common Problems and Simple Solutions 163

Chapter 9: Anticipating and Preventing Potential Problems 165

Chapter 10: Colony Collapse Disorder 189

Chapter 11: Diseases and Remedies 197

Chapter 12: Honey Bee Pests 207

Chapter 13: Raising Your Own Queens 229

Part V: Sweet Rewards 247

Chapter 14: Getting Ready for the Golden Harvest 249

Chapter 15: Honey Harvest Day 263

Part VI: The Part of Tens 277

Chapter 16: (Almost) Ten Fun Things to Do with Bees 279

Chapter 17: Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Behavior 305

Chapter 18: My Ten Favorite Honey Recipes 309

Appendix A: Helpful Resources 317

Appendix B: Beekeeper's Checklist 331

Glossary 335

Index 341

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