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Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

Simone Chiaretta, Keyvan Nayyeri

ISBN: 978-0-470-43399-7

Aug 2009

576 pages

Select type: Paperback

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ASP.NET MVC (Model View Framework) allows you to use ready-to-use MVC code so you can develop Web applications faster. This book?s cut-to-the-chase approach gets you up to speed on the new ASP.NET MVC without getting bogging you down in learning or re-learning ASP.NET itself. You?ll receive straightforward instruction on concepts, backed by real-world case studies and examples that offer practical solutions. Topics include test-driven development and unit testing, the principles of the MVC pattern, how to implement it, how to move from traditional ASP.NET Webforms to ASP.NET MVC, and much more.

Chapter 1: The Model-View-Controller Pattern.

Chapter 2: ASP.NET WebForms vs. ASP.NET MVC.

Chapter 3: Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC.

Chapter 4: The Model.

Chapter 5: The Controller.

Chapter 6: The View.

Chapter 7: Routing.

Chapter 8: Unit Testing Concepts.

Chapter 9: Testing ASP.NET MVC Applications.

Chapter 10: Components.

Chapter 11: Action Filters.

Chapter 12: AJAX.

Chapter 13: Deployment.

Chapter 14: Leveraging ASP.NET WebForm Features.

Chapter 15: Authentication and Authorization.

Chapter 16: Extending ASP.NET MVC.

Chapter 17: Migrating from ASP.NET WebForms.

Chapter 18: Case Study 1.

Chapter 19: Case Study 2.

Appendix A: Resources.

Appendix B: Exercise Solutions.


9780470433997: Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Code Download
ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
214Error in Text
In the class:

public ClimbList GetTopClimbs()

Line 2 of the query:

orderby r.Name

Should be:

orderby c.Name

16Error in Text
Word error on the last line (process 5). It states "The output is the returned ..."

Should be "The output is then returned ..."