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Beginning Access 2002 VBA

Beginning Access 2002 VBA

Robert Smith, Dave Sussman, Ian Blackburn, John Colby, Mark Horner, Martin Reid, Paul Turley, Helmut Watson

ISBN: 978-0-764-54402-6

Feb 2003

976 pages

Select type: Paperback

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What is this book about?

Access 2002 is the core database application within the Office XP suite. Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the user can create his or her own programs in what is essentially a subset of the Visual Basic programming language.

Using VBA with Access is a tremendously powerful technique, as it allows you to create great user interfaces (like forms or reports) as a front end to actual data storage and manipulation within the database itself.

What does this book cover?

This book is a revision of the best-selling Beginning Access 2000 VBA, reworked to provide a rich tutorial to programming Access 2002 with VBA. New material covers the enhanced options in Access 2002 for publishing data to the Web, handling XML, integrating with SQL Server Desktop Engine, and so on.

Who is this book for?

This book is for the Access user who already has a knowledge of databases and the basic objects of an Access database, and who now wants to learn how to program with VBA. No prior knowledge of programming is required.


Chapter 1: Designing Applications.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Event-Driven Programming.

Chapter 3: Creating Code.

Chapter 4: Controlling the Program.

Chapter 5: Using Access Objects.

Chapter 6: Using DAO.

Chapter 7: Data Management Techniques.

Chapter 8: Working with Tables.

Chapter 9: External Data.

Chapter 10: Reports.

Chapter 11: Advanced Programming Techniques.

Chapter 12: Finding and Dealing with Errors.

Chapter 13: Using Classes.

Chapter 14: WithEvents and RaiseEvent.

Chapter 15: Libraries and Add-Ins.

Chapter 16: Automation.

Chapter 17: Multi-User.

Chapter 18: The Internet.

Chapter 19: Optimizing Your Application.

Chapter 20: Moving to Client-Server.

Chapter 21: ActiveX Data Objects – ADO.


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Q: Is a Solutions Manual Available for the text?

A: No, there is no Solutions Manual.
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