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Beginning Adobe AIR: Building Applications for the Adobe Integrated Runtime

Beginning Adobe AIR: Building Applications for the Adobe Integrated Runtime

Rich Tretola

ISBN: 978-0-470-22904-0

Apr 2008

319 pages

Select type: Paperback

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If you?re ready to take advantage of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) to build desktop-based Rich Internet Applications, then this is the book for you. After introducing you to AIR, Adobe expert Rich Tretola discusses the different programming languages and tools you can use for development. He presents multiple methods for storing data, including within the file system and embedded database as well as storage on remote servers. This guide is a perfect mix of tutorials and hands-on coding, and provides the resources you need to build AIR applications quickly.



Part I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Introducing AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime).

Chapter 2: Rich Internet/Desktop Applications.

Chapter 3: The Programming Languages.

Chapter 4: The AIR Development Tools.

Chapter 5: Building an Application.

Chapter 6: Packaging the AIR.

Part II: Adding Data.

Chapter 7: Working with Remote Data.


Chapter 8: Accessing the File System.

Chapter 9: The Windowing API.

Chapter 10: Interacting with the O.S.

Chapter 11: The SQLite Database.

Chapter 12: Communication between AIR and the Operating System.

Chapter 13: Application Status.

Part IV: The AIR Components.

Chapter 14: The File System Components.

Chapter 15: The HTML Component.

Appendix A: Taking a Flex App to the Desktop.

Appendix B: Solutions for Exercises.


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All Code for Book
All Code for Book
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