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Beginning AppleScript

Beginning AppleScript

Stephen G. Kochan

ISBN: 978-0-764-57400-9

Dec 2004

600 pages

Select type: Paperback


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What is this book about?

Geared toward programmers with no prior development knowledge, Beginning AppleScript serves as a comprehensive guide to using AppleScript on the Mac OS X platform.  This title introduces the reader to AppleScript, and then illustrates how to efficiently start writing scripts through sample programs as each concept is introduced. Exercises at the end of each chapter allow the reader to test and demonstrate their knowledge on how to write functional scripts. The appendices include a list of other resources for additional developer information, and a summary of the language suitable for reference.

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Chapter 1: Writing Your First AppleScript Program.

Chapter 2: Variables, Classes, and Expressions.

Chapter 3: Making Decisions.

Chapter 4: Program Looping.

Chapter 5: Working with Strings.

Chapter 6: Working with Lists and Records.

Chapter 7: Working with Files.

Chapter 8: Handlers.

Chapter 9: Error Handling.

Chapter 10: Working with Applications.

Chapter 11: Scripting iLife Applications.

Chapter 12: Script Objects.

Chapter 13: Loose Ends.

Chapter 14: Introducing AppleScript Studio.

Appendix A: Exercise Answers.

Appendix B: Language Reference.

Appendix C: Resources.


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