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Beginning JavaServer Pages

Beginning JavaServer Pages

Vivek Chopra, Jon Eaves, Rupert Jones, Sing Li, John T. Bell

ISBN: 978-0-764-58952-2

Feb 2005

1196 pages

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  • JSP is one of the core technologies for server-side Java applications and the 2.0 release, which this book covers in detail, makes JSP an even more powerful tool
  • Walks Java programmers and Web developers through JSP fundamentals, including JSP syntax and directives, JSP Expression Language, JSP Tag libraries, JSTL, and techniques for testing and debugging
  • Shows how to use JSP in real-world Web applications along with open source frameworks such as Struts, WebWork, and Turbine, software design methodologies, and developer tools like Ant, jUnit, and CVS, as well as popular IDEs (integrated development environmnents)
  • Each chapter has an exercise section with solutions on the companion Web site
About the Authors v

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction xxv

The Right Way to Do Web Development xxv

Approach xxvi

How This Book Is Structured xxvi

Conventions xxix

Source Code xxx

Errata xxx xxx

Part I: JSP Fundamentals 1

Chapter 1: Getting Started with JavaServer Pages 3

Chapter 2: JSP Basics 1: Dynamic Page Creation for Data Presentation 31

Chapter 3: JSP Basics 2: Generalized Templating and Server Scripting 73

Chapter 4: CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, and JSP 117

Chapter 5: JSP and EL 145

Chapter 6: JSP Tag Libraries and JSTL 179

Chapter 7: JSP Directives 213

Chapter 8: JSP Standard Actions 241

Chapter 9: JSP and JavaBeans 275

Chapter 10: Error Handling 303

Chapter 11: Building Your Own Custom JSP Tag Library 329

Chapter 12: Advanced Dynamic Web Content Generation 361

Chapter 13: Internationalization and Localized Content 395

Chapter 14: JSP Debugging Techniques 435

Part II: JSP and Modern Web Server Software Development 481

Chapter 15: JSPs and Servlets 483

Chapter 16: The Role of JSP in the Wider Context: Web Applications 511

Chapter 17: Model View Controller 533

Chapter 18: Web Frameworks 549

Chapter 19: Struts Framework 591

Chapter 20: Layout Management with Tiles 643

Chapter 21: JavaServer Faces 681

Chapter 22: JSP in J2EE 721

Chapter 23: Access to Databases 747

Chapter 24: Security 825

Chapter 25: Performance 861

Chapter 26: Best Practices and Tools 885

Part III: Spreading Your New Wings: Applying JSP in the Real World 923

Chapter 27: JSP Project I: Personalized Portal 925

Chapter 28: JSP Project II: Shopping Cart Application 983

Part IV: Appendixes 1057

Appendix A: JSP Syntax Reference 1059

Appendix B: JSP Expression Language Reference 1077

Appendix C: JSTL Reference 1089

Appendix D: Exercise Solutions 1123

Index 1213

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Chapter 18 Source Code Correction
Code downloads for this title are available here.
Download the code files for the book
Code Downloads
Chapter 18 Source Code Correction
Code downloads for this title are available here.
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