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Beginning SQL

Beginning SQL

Paul Wilton, John Colby

ISBN: 978-0-764-57732-1

Mar 2005

520 pages

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  • Taking readers through the basics of the language, right up to some more advanced topics, this book is a practical, hands-on resource and aims to keep the reader involved at all times
  • Focuses on the SQL standard and is loaded with detailed examples and code; each chapter includes practice exercises that readers can challenge themselves with before looking at the sample solutions in the appendix
  • Paul Wilton is a successful Wrox "Beginning" book author and is an ideal author to write for those who want a firm grasp of standard SQL before learning the details specific to a particular database product
  • SQL is an international standard for manipulating data in databases and is used by database programmers in all major database systems: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, MySQL, and many others
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Chapter 1. Introduction to SQL.

Chapter 2. Entering Information.

Chapter 3. Extracting Information.

Chapter 4. Advanced Database Design.

Chapter 5. Manipulating Data.

Chapter 6. Grouping and Aggregating Data.

Chapter 7. Selecting Data from Different Tables.

Chapter 8. Queries within Queries.

Chapter 9. Advanced Queries.

Chapter 10. Views.

Chapter 11. Transactions.

Chapter 12. SQL Security.

Chapter 13. Database Tuning.

Appendix A: Exercise Answers.

Appendix B: Setting up and Using the Five Database Systems

Appendix C: Initial Data Setup.


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