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Beginning TiVo Programming

Beginning TiVo Programming

John Brosnan, Kyle Copeland

ISBN: 978-0-470-14094-9

Feb 2007

298 pages

Select type: E-Book

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With TiVo Home Media Engine SDK you can build new and exciting applications for broadband-connected Series 2 devices. In this book you will find numerous real-world examples to help you deploy your own applications to TiVo quickly and easily. The authors describe software development for the TiVo platform, covering the basic building blocks of application design. You’ll discover how to create advanced applications using TiVo’s component library and learn how to package your final product for others to integrate into their TiVo experience.


Chapter 1: Introduction to TiVo Applications.

Chapter 2: Getting the TiVo Box Ready for HME.

Chapter 3: Your Development Environment.

Chapter 4: Your First TiVo HME Application.

Chapter 5: Displaying Resources.

Chapter 6: Events.

Chapter 7: Going Bananas.

Chapter 8: Using Bananas Events.

Chapter 9: Advanced Resources.

Chapter 10: Advanced HME Application Lifecycle.

Chapter 11: Application Preferences.

Chapter 12: Animation.

Chapter 13: Connecting to External Resources.

Chapter 14: Deploying an HME Application.

Chapter 15: Tips and Troubleshooting.

Appendix A: Exercise.


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