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Beginning to Profit from Candlestick Charts



Beginning to Profit from Candlestick Charts

Steve Nison

ISBN: 978-1-118-63344-1 April 2013


From the trader who introduced candlesticks to the West, a guide to understanding and getting the most out of those powerful analytical tools

The popularity of Japanese candlesticks has exploded over the past two decades. So, too, have the ranks of self-styled experts hawking pricey books and seminars offering to unlock the secrets of candlesticks. But as many hapless consumers have discovered, many of those “experts” either possess a fundamentally flawed understanding of candlesticks, or are no better than snake oil salesmen. Is there an unimpeachable source traders can turn to with complete confidence for reliable information and guidance on this powerful analytical tool? Yes, Steve Nison, the man who introduced candlestick charting to the West and who has spent decades testing and perfecting candlestick charting techniques and trading strategies. In this book Steve shares everything he knows about candlesticks for beginners and seasoned traders alike.

  • Provides crystal-clear and concise explanations of how candlesticks work and why they are so effective for finding trades with huge potential
  • Combines Nison’s extensive research--including translations of ancient Japanese texts—with his decades of real-world experience to show how to apply candlesticks to today’s markets
  • Features numerous examples and “quiz charts” that test your knowledge, along with online access to resources to help you hone your knowledge and mastery of these powerful tools   
  • Details strategies for combining candlesticks with other tools to spot big moves and find optimal entries and exits 
  • Offers expert advice on how to avoid costly candlesticks mistakes that even seasoned traders can make