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Bellies and Babies: The Business of Maternity and Newborn Photography



Bellies and Babies: The Business of Maternity and Newborn Photography

Sandy Puc'

ISBN: 978-1-118-40750-9 August 2013 224 Pages


Learn to master the art of maternity and newborn photography

Maternity and newborn photography is an exciting new photographic specialty with a growing market. In this book by professional photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Sandy Puc, you will find both information and inspiration. This book covers technical aspects such as equipment, lighting techniques, and composition, but also examines the human side of the equation: how to make moms comfortable during the shoot, tips on photographing newborns, suggestions for props and poses for children under a year of age, and much more. Additionally, it will include business strategies for photographers who are looking to expand into this bourgeoning market.

  • Addresses what photographers need to know to venture into this popular specialty
  • Provides technical information about equipment, lighting, composition, camera settings, and printing
  • Explains how to make expectant mothers feel comfortable and attractive during the shoot, how to work with newborns, techniques for posing children younger than a year, tips on using props, and more
  • Illustrated with dozens of the author's maternity and newborn portraits

Bellies and Babies: The Art of Maternity and Newborn Photography offers photographers both the information and ideas they need to successfully photograph expectant mothers and newborns.

Introduction xvi

Chapter One: The Baby Plan 2

Chapter Two: Creating a Marketing Plan 18

Chapter Three: Creating an Efficient Studio 40

Chapter Four: Pre-Session Consultation 60

Chapter Five: Lighting Setup and Session Preparation 66

Chapter Six: Discovering Your Style 78

Chapter Seven: The Maternity Session 86

Chapter Eight: Becoming a Baby Expert 96

Chapter Nine: Newborn Sessions 104

Chapter Ten: Three-Month Session 116

Chapter Eleven: Six-Month Session 124

Chapter Twelve: One-Year Session 134

Chapter Thirteen: Success in Sales 148

Chapter Fourteen: Workflow and Production 166

Chapter Fifteen: Giving Back 176

Chapter Sixteen: Closing Thoughts 186

Index 191