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Better Construction Briefing

Better Construction Briefing

Peter Barrett, Catherine A. Stanley

ISBN: 978-0-632-05102-1

Sep 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

168 pages

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Very few buildings finish on time or at the right price, and clients often criticise the fact that the finished building is not what they expected. Poor communication between the parties at one or more stages of the construction process seems to be the cause, and improved briefing practice has long been recognised as one important area where such communication could be improved.

This book examines the briefing process to understand its strengths and weaknesses and the problems involved, draws on the experience of other disciplines and industries, and identifies best practice and purpose innovations in the briefing process. It is strongly industry oriented while drawing on sound research.


1. Introduction and focus.

2. Empowering the client.

3. Managing the project dynamics.

4. Appropriate user involvement.

5. Appropriate team bu9ilding.

6. Appropriate visulasation techniques.

7. Implementing change.

8. Case Study 1. Empowering the client.

9. Case Study. Appropriate user involvement.

10. Case Study 3. Managing the project dynamics.

11. Case Study 4. Appropriate user involvement.

12. Conclusions.

Appendix A. Further Reading.

Appendix B. Functional Brief.

Appendix C. Description of the research basis of the book.



"A useful reference for both construction professionals and clients on the briefing process."

Engineering, Construction & Architectural Management

* improving briefing by clients and their professional teams a very topical subject
* draws on research carried out by mixed group of academics and industrial partners, partly funded by government
* few books on the subject
* Peter Barrett, author of Blackwell Science's successful book Facilities Management