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Better Stock Trading: Money and Risk Management

Better Stock Trading: Money and Risk Management

Daryl Guppy

ISBN: 978-1-118-17942-0 December 2011 250 Pages




An in-depth examination of money management methods for consistent trading success

In Better Stock Trading, Daryl Guppy shows readers how to improve returns by using good money management techniqueâ??not by increasing risk in trying to win more trades. Readers will learn how to level the market playing field by using the best money management strategies for their particular account size. From the straightforward two percent rule, to pyramiding methods, and overall portfolio management, Guppy presents a selection of strategies, which will allow any independent trader to capitalize on a rising market and protect funds when the bear takes over. He also shows readers how to study their own trading history and use this information to improve their trading future. Trading skill counts, but money management gives independent traders the edge.

Daryl Guppy (Australia) is an experienced and highly successful private trader. A member of IFTA and the Australian Technical Analyst's Association, he is a popular speaker at international trading seminars in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. He is the author of five highly successful trading titles, including Market Trading Tactics (0-471-84663-5), and is the Editorial Director of The Investors' International Bookshelf.
Foreword by Martin J. Pring
Preface: Cash stacks

Chapter 1 Boom or bust?
Chapter 2 Risk with style
Chapter 3 Mix ‘n’ match
Chapter 4 Risk in time
Chapter 5 Equity curves

Chapter 6 Risk and uncertainty
Chapter 7 Flinch points
Chapter 8 Securing capital
Chapter 9 Danger on the detour

Chapter 10 Exit greed
Chapter 11 Profit at risk
Chapter 12 Winning additions
Chapter 13 Trending toward risk
Chapter 14 Exploiting trends
Chapter 15 Ordering profits
Chapter 16 Ordering U.S. profits
Chapter 17 Asian profits on order

Chapter 18 Made to Measure
Chapter 19 Risk and diversity
Chapter 20 Slicing risk
Chapter 21 Swiss curves
Chapter 22 Active investing
Chapter 23 No sweat