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Better Trading: Money and Risk Management


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Better Trading: Money and Risk Management

Daryl Guppy

ISBN: 978-1-876-62796-6 September 2011 Wrightbooks 300 Pages


Many traders arm themselves with the latest software and as many indicators as they can get their hands on in an attempt to improve trading results. There is an easier way.

In Better Trading, Daryl Guppy shows you how to improve your returns without winning more trades just by using good money management techniques. As a private trader, you level the market playing field by using the best money management strategies for your account size. Trading skill counts, but money management gives you an important edge. From the straightforward 2% rule, to pyramiding methods and overall portfolio management, Daryl takes you through a selection of strategies. They allow you to capitalise on a rising market and protect your funds when the bears take over. He shows you how to study your own trading history and use this information to improve your trading future. These methods make the difference between trading survival and consistent success.

Daryl Guppy is one of Australia's leading investment writers and he makes a living as a private trader. He uses the tools and techniques in Better Trading to improve the profitability of his own portfolio.