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Beyond Diagnosis: Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2nd Edition



Beyond Diagnosis: Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2nd Edition

Michael Bruch

ISBN: 978-1-119-96075-1 March 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


The second edition of Beyond Diagnosis is a fully updated and expanded examination of Vic Meyer’s pioneering case formulation approach and its application to cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Recommends dynamic, individualized assessment over standard diagnostic classification for complex individual problems
  • Presents detailed analysis of advanced cases that are relevant for clinical practice
  • Features a foreword by Ira Turkat, as well as discussion of the most up-to-date clinical procedures from a world-wide group of case formulation experts


List of Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Preface xii

1 The Development of Case Formulation Approaches 1
Michael Bruch

2 The UCL Case Formulation Model: Clinical Process and Procedures 24
Michael Bruch

3 Case Formulation: A Hypothesis-Testing Process 53
Richard S. Hallam

4 Case Formulation and the Therapeutic Relationship 74
Peter G. AuBuchon

5 The Therapeutic Relationship as a Critical Intervention in a Case of Complex PTSD and OCD 96
Peter G. AuBuchon

6 Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Personalized Case Formulation and Treatment 133
Kieron O’Connor, Amélie Drolet-Marcoux, Geneviève Larocque and Karolan Gervais

7 Cognitive-Behavioural Formulation and the Scientist-Practitioner: Working with an Adolescent Boy 165
David A. Lane and Sarah Corrie

8 Cognitive-behavioural Case Formulation in the Treatment of a Complex Case of Social Anxiety Disorder and Substance Misuse 194
Samia Ezzamel, Marcantonio M. Spada and Ana V. Nikèeviæ

Appendix: Invited Case Transcript: The Initial Clinical Hypothesis 220
Ira Daniel Turkat

Index 231