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Beyond Leadership: Balancing Economics, Ethics and Ecology, 2nd Edition

Beyond Leadership: Balancing Economics, Ethics and Ecology, 2nd Edition

Warren Bennis, Jagdish Parikh, Ronnie Lessem

ISBN: 978-1-557-86960-9

Jan 1997

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Beyond Leadership has been written to enable practitioners and students of leadership to manage uncertainty, diversity, conflict, and complexity. Its lead authors are American, Asian and Afro-European, and this range of perspective is reflected in the individual chapters.
The unique appeal of this book is its global approach to management as the next evolutionary step beyond the major western (American) and eastern (Japanese) perspectives.


Part I: Introducing the New Business Paradigm: .

1. Introduction: From the Old Paradigm to the New.

2. New-paradigm Thinking.

Part II: As a Manager - From Uncertainty to Mastery:.

3. Toward Self-mastery.

4. Visionary Leadership.

5. Developing a Vision.

6. From Vision to Action.

Part III: As a Group - From Conflict to Synergy:.

7. Managing People at Work: Spiral Integration.

8. Managing Joint Ventures.

9. Linking Individualism to Communalism.

10. Building Industrial Democracy.

Part IV: As an Organization - From Change to Learning: .

11. The Developing Organization.

12. Building a Learning Organization.

13. Total Quality Learning.

14. Requisite Organization.

15. Charting the Corporate Mind.

Part V: As a Society - From Complexity to Sustainability: .

16. Achieving Sustainable Development:.

17. Toward a Synergistic Society.

18. Doing Business in the New Paradigm.


* Internationally renowned author team.
* Revised edition of a very successful book.