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Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues in GIS

Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues in GIS

Joseph K. Berry

ISBN: 978-0-470-23676-5 October 1996 246 Pages


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This book discusses maps as data with data structure implications; roving windows; spatial data modeling and management; assessing variability, shape, and pattern of map features; overlaying maps; cost-benefit analysis; algorithms involved in slope, distance, and connectivity; and cartographic and spatial modeling. A disk containing four-color graphics, including charts and maps, is also available. Provides a GIS glossary. Includes a list of recommended readings for each topic. Compiles international GIS instructions and presents contact details and information on each.
Maps as Data and Data Structure Implications.

Measuring Effective Distance and Connectivity.

Roving Windows: Assessment of Neighborhood Characteristics.

What GIS Is and Isn't: Spatial Data Mapping, Management, Modeling, and More.

Assessing Variability, Shape, and Pattern of Map Features.

Overlaying Maps and Characterizing Error Propagation.

Overlaying Maps and Summarizing the Results.

Scoping GIS: What to Consider.

Slope, Distance, and Connectivity: Their Algorithms.

Cartographic and Spatial Modeling.