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Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring: How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Process, New and Revised Edition

Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring: How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Process, New and Revised Edition

Margo Murray

ISBN: 978-0-787-95675-2

Apr 2001, Jossey-Bass

256 pages

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Many managers believe that effective mentoring is most often the lucky result of personal chemistry between two people. But in this book, author Margo Murray lays that myth to rest. Her guide gives you all the expert advice, tools, and case studies you'll need to harness the power of mentoring. Building on the solid principles outlined in the first book, this revised edition adds examples of mentoring from recent publications and the author's client experience. It also includes international examples. It reveals how mentoring can maximize employee productivity and provides information on how to assess organizational needs and link them to the mentoring process. Includes all the information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of a mentoring program.

What Mentoring Is - and What It Is Not.

Mentoring at Work in Organizations.

The Upside and Downside for the Organization.

Payoffs and Penalties for the Protege.

The Mentor's Motivation and Concerns.


Mentoring Models and Applications.

Assessing Needs and Determining Organizational Readiness.

Structuring the Mentor Role -
Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection and Rewards.

Selecting Proteges and Diagnosing Their Development Needs.

Involving the Boss Who Is Not the Mentor.

The Coordination Team -
Selection, Training, and Responsibilities.

Negotiating Sound Mentoring Agreements.

Evaluating Mentoring Process Effectiveness.

Gender, Culture, and Relationship Concerns.

Resource: Sources of Instruments for Assessing Growth and Development.
"Margo told us early on that mentoring would be the linchpin of our AYES model and she was certainly correct. Our mentoring process has set the AYES initiative apart from all other automotive training programs. Thanks to her for all of her contributions and coaching us to emphasize the mentor role in our initiative." --Donald T. Gray, president and CEO, Automotive YES, General Motors

"Margo has done it again! This new edition provides the blueprint, tools, and resources to create a successful facilitated mentoring process. This revised edition will be a great addition to your professional library." --Roger M. Addison, director, human performance technology, International Society for Performance Improvement

"The phenomenon of the use of mentoring in today's society is definitely at a juncture where it needs to be developed as a comprehensive discipline. Ms. Murray's Facilitated Mentoring Model provides the critical link for private and public sector mentoring." --Martin A. Jacks, founding president and director, The Mentoring Center, Oakland, California

"A must read for the HRD practitioner interested in building a realistic approach to facilitated mentoring." --Kathy Wentworth Drahosz, president, The Training Connection, Inc.

"For many individuals and organizations who work directly with people, the concept of mentoring, of developing potential, simply makes sense. Too often the problem is how to accomplish this. Margo Murray's book makes this process understandable and provides a very effective roadmap to successful mentoring relationships." --Danny E. Sledge, dean of students, Kalamazoo College, and president, International Mentoring Association