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Big Change: A Route-Map for Corporate Transformation

Big Change: A Route-Map for Corporate Transformation

Paul Taffinder

ISBN: 978-0-471-98288-3 July 1998 304 Pages


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Every year corporations spend billions in pursuit of change. Some are successful. Many are not. In this winner of the prestigious 1999 Management Consultancy Association Prize, Paul Taffinder casts a critical eye over the big change efforts of more than 30 organizations worldwide, and offers conclusions as unsettling as they are insightful and firmly supported by real-world business sense. "Paul Taffinder achieves what in many other books remains an empty promise. Brilliant insight...inspiring...A real eye-opener."--Dr. Siegfried Hoenle, Director, Warburg Dillon Read.
Big Change?: Change to What...?

Big Change -
An Unnatural Act.

The Leadership of Big Change.

Systemic Innovation.

Conflict Escalation.


Conceiving the Future.

Building the Change Agenda.

Delivering Big Change.

Mastering Change.