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Billing and Collections Best Practices

Billing and Collections Best Practices

Steven M. Bragg

ISBN: 978-0-471-70955-8

Dec 2004

243 pages


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Billings and Collections Best Practices offers advice for implementing a plethora of best practices to greatly improve your company's level of efficiency in information reporting, including:
  • Showing you how to create a more efficient billing operation.
  • Demonstrating how you can reduce the error rate on bills sent to customers.
  • Revealing specific steps for you to reduce the amount of outstanding receivables.
  • Providing guidelines on how you can restructure invoice formats to shorten the payment interval.
  • Detailing how to create a database for recurring billings and how to maintain its accuracy.
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Chapter 1: Success or Failure with Best Practices.

Chapter 2: Credit Policies, Procedures, and Systems.

Chapter 3: Credit Granting Techniques.

Chapter 4: Invoice Creation.

Chapter 5: Invoice Delivery.

Chapter 6: Cash Collection and Application.

Chapter 7: Managing the Collection Department.

Chapter 8: Collection Systems.

Chapter 9: Collection Techniques.

Chapter 10: Deduction Management.

Chapter 11: Outsourcing Collections.

Chapter 12: Billing and Collections Measurements.

Appendix: Summary of Best Practices.