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Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution

Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution

Tobin Smith, Liz Claman (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-34377-7 December 2008 208 Pages


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Most Americans have no clue how quickly our internal supplies are crumbling. Tobin Smith will give you the facts and forecasts on growth in the "green investing front" and let you see for yourself just how large this opportunity is - right now and for years to come. This is the fastest growing sector - 13-fold over the next decade! Clean UP will show you how to make a small fortune now from "bridge green technologies," closing the gap between traditional and alternative fuels. Smith will also introduce you to a number of segments of the green investing world--taking you inside these agents of change and detail 8 to 10 companies who are real growth stocks with investment profit potential. This book is for anyone interested in investing in the companies that will make billions from the solutions to the billion-dollar problems in the green technology space.

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Introduction. It's a Green, Green, Green, World.

What Drives the Green Wave?

An Oily Proposition.

We Want Our NRG!

A Cleaner Future.

Green Is Getting Cost Competitive.

Mo' Money, Mo' Growth.

The Greening of the Consumer.

Building a Green Portfolio.

Environment Protection Becomes Big Bucks.

The Goal of This Book.

Chapter 1: Catalyzing into Green: Why, and Why Now?

Rising Global Energy Demand.

The Chindia Syndrome.

Where Does That Energy Come From?

Energy Security: The New Cold War.

Carbon Concerns.

Chapter 2: Mandating Growth: Creating Greener Pastures.

Green Public Policy.

Mo' Money, Mo' Growth.

The Green Capital Boom.

The VC View.

Making Real Money.

Chapter 3: Waving The Green Flag: Clean Transportation.

Driving Along in My Automobile.

A Green Way Forward.

The Hybrid Theory.

Plug In and Fire Up the Engine.

EV All the Way.

How Do We Make Money?

The Bleeding Edge.

Words of Caution.

Chapter 4: I Wanna Soak up the Sun!: Harnessing the Profit Power of Solar.

Sand and Sun, Not Just a Vacation Mantra.

Costs and Incentives: Creating Sunny Choices.

Let the Sunshine In.

The Changewave Thesis.

Solar Superstars.

A Solar Epilogue.

Chapter 5: Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink: Sympathizing with the Ancient Mariner.

You're Going to Drive Me to Drinking.

If You Build It, They Will Drink.

A Tall Drink of Green Water.

The Alliance Dips Its Toe into the Water.

Splashing Around in the Water Investment Pool.

Toweling Offâ??and on to the Power Grid.

Chapter 6: Avoiding "Grid" Lock: The Powers that Be Are Going Smart.

A Vision for the Modern Grid.

Seven Valuable Virtues of the Modern Grid.

Meters for the New Millennium.

The Smart Meter Players.

Adopting the Information Solution.

Chapter 7: Eco-Efficient IT: The Nerds Are Turning Green.

What Is Virtualization?

Saving Kilowatts Equals Saving Money.

Virtually the Best.

Eco-Efficient IT is the Future.

Chapter Eight: Green Plastics: Cleaning Up Society's Legacy.

The Rise of Green Plastics.

The Why and Who of Green Plastics.

A Question of Cost and Market Adoption.

Just a Drop in the Bio Bucket.

Chapter 9: Fill 'Er Up with Biofuels: Growing Your Own Octane.

Ethanol: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Cellulosic Ethanol.

Blame It on Rio.

Mandates, Tax Credits, and Tariffs.

Investing in Team Ethanol.

Bye-Bye Biologics.

Chapter 10: Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries: The Rise of Pink Bunny Power.

Fuel Cells: Hydrogen Anyone?

Fuel Cell Types and Applications.

Big Costs, Big Benefits.

Powering Your Portfolio with Fuel Cells.

Advanced Batteries.

Chapter 11: Wind Power: Harnessing Nature's Breath.

Blowin' Up the Energy Charts.

The Good and the Bad of Blowin' in the Wind.

Turbines at a Glance.

The Breezy Dynamics of Growth.

Subsidies and Supply Shortages.

Investing in Windy Conditions.

Blowing on to Chapter 12.

Chapter 12: The New, Old Green Tech: Cleaning Up Coal's Act.

The Coal, Hard Facts.

Movin' On Up from Low Grade to High Grade.

Scrubbing Coal's Image.

The Great Carbon Roundup.

A Deeper Shade of Green.

Chapter 13: Living La Vida Verde: Green Buildings, Lighting, Natural Foods, and Lifestyles.

The Green We Inhabit.

By the Dawn's Early Green Light.

LED Lighting Leads the Way.

Green Movement Market Opportunities.

Toward the End of a Green Journey.

Chapter 14: Building a Green Portfolio: A Green Call to Arms.

CAUTION: Green Portfolio Construction Ahead.

The World is Not Flatâ??It's Voracious.

Appendix A: Master List of Green Companies.

Appendix B: Green Investing Resources.