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Biocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry

Biocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry

Katja Loos (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-63253-4

Nov 2010

463 pages


Searching for green and environmentally friendly polymerization methods by using enzymes? This first handbook on this hot and essential topic contains the whole chain of knowledge of biocatalysis in polymer chemistry in both a comprehensive and compact form. International leading experts cover all important aspects, from enzymatic monomer synthesis to polymer modification and degradation.
While the major focus of the book is on enzymatic polymerizations of the polymer classes reported so far, industrial contributions are also included, making this invaluable reading for biochemists and polymer chemists working in academia and industry.
Monomers and Macromonomers from Renewable Resources
Enzyme Immobilization on Layered and Nanostructured Materials
Improved Immobilization Supports for Candida Antarctica Lipase B
Enzymatic Polymerization of Polyesters
Enzyme-Catalyzed Synthesis of Polyamides and Polypeptides
Enzymatic Polymerization of Vinylpolymers
Enzymatic Polymerization of Phenolic Monomers
Enzymatic Synthesis of Polyaniline and Other Electrically Conductive Polymers
Enzymatic Polymerization of Polysaccharides
Polymerases for Biosynthesis of Storage Compounds
Chiral Polymers by Lipase Catalysis
Enzymes in the Synthesis of Block and Graft Copolymers
Biocatalytic Polymerization in Exotic Solvents
Molecular Modeling Approach to Enzymatic Polymerization
Enzymatic Polymer Modification
Enzymatic Polysaccharide Degradation