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Bioceramics: Principles and Applications

Bioceramics: Principles and Applications

Ziyad Haidar, Murugan Ramalingam

ISBN: 978-1-119-16033-5

Mar 2019

500 pages


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The use of ceramics in biological environments and biomedical applications is of increasing importance, as is the understanding of how biology works with minerals to develop strong materials suitable for the clinic. Bioceramics have been revolutionizing the biomedical field in the form of bone grafts, fillers, implants and metal implant surface coatings for use in humans. Efforts are focusing on understanding and improving the biocompatibility, physico-chemical and mechanical properties of such materials and devices, with the attention directed towards the development and potential use of ceramic/ceramic composites, at micro-, nano- and pico-scales. Ceramic-based and/or ceramic-incorporated biomaterials are being biologically evaluated through several in vitro, in vivo and clinical tests.

This book presents a review of recent research and developments in the pre-clinical and clinical use of bioceramics, its derivatives, and other bioceramic-based biomaterials and coatings in the fields of medicine and dentistry. An in-depth look into material processing, characterization, optimization, performance and cell/tissue interactions is presented with an overview of the potential of bioceramics in therapeutic agent and stem cell delivery, tissue engineering extending into the future perspectives of bioceramics, in an attempt to address the frequently asked questions relating to the development, characterization, modulation, optimization, and safe application of ceramic materials and ceramic-coated devices.