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Bioelectrosynthesis of Value-added Products

Bioelectrosynthesis of Value-added Products

Aijie Wang, Wenzong Liu, Bo Zhang, Weiwei Cai

ISBN: 978-3-527-34381-2

Mar 2020

400 pages

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The book systemically introduces the hot issues including potential value-added products via bioelectrochemical system, reactor development of bioelectrosynthesis, and microbial biology on biofilm communities and metabolism pathways. It will provide unique viewpoints on basic principles and mechanisms, new development on reactor and microbial ecology, giving a different view of main facets of bioelectrosynthesis.
Chapter 1: Principle and products overview of bioelectrosynthesis (contributors: Wen-zong Liu, Bo Zhang)
Chapter 2: Biogas production and Upgrading technology via Bioelectrolysis
2.1 Hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis reaction (contributors: De-feng Xing, Wei-wei Cai) (contributors: Shao-an Cheng, Zhejiang University)
Mechanism of cathode reaction
Hydrogen production via bioelectrolysis and hydrogen utilization
2.2 Bioelectrochemical methane generation (contributors: De-feng Xing, Harbin Institute of Technology)
Mechanism of carbon dioxide reduction on cathode reaction
Methane production via bioelectrolysis process
2.3 Biogas Upgrading systems (contributors: Yao-bin Zhang, Dalian Technology University)
Biogas production via bioelectrolysis process for wastewater treatment (contributors: Wenzong Liu, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences)
Biogas production via bioelectrolysis process for sludge degradation (contributors: Jun-xin Liu, Benyi Xiao, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences)
2.4 Integrated bioelectrochemical systems (contributors: Lu Lu, Zhiyong Jason Ren, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
Bioelectrochemical system application in anaerobic process
Chapter 3: Organic synthesis on cathodes
3.1 Carbon reduction for cathodic synthesis (contributors: Annemiekter Heijne, Wageningen University)
3.2 Acetic synthesis (contributors: Lovley D. R, University of Massachusetts, USA)
3.3 Formic synthesis (contributors: Jong Hyun Janga, Soo-Kil Kim, Korea)
3.4 Alcoholic synthesis (contributors: Cees Buisman, Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Chapter 4: Chemical products and Nitrogen recovery
4.1 Chemical synthesis from reduction of cathode (contributors: Shi-jie You, Harbin Institute of Technology)
H2O2, alkali
4.2 Bioelectrochemical ammonia production
4.3 Combining BES with forward osmosis for nitrogen recovery (Contributor: Zhen He, Bo Zhang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA)
Chapter 5: External electron transfer and electrode material promotion
5.1 External electron transfer of cathode (contributors: Huan Liu, Beihang University)
5.2 Promotion of material development (contributors: Xin Wang, Tianjin University)
5.3 Interspecies electron transfer pathway (Yang-chun Yong, Jiangsu University)
Chapter 6: The microbiology of bioelectrosynthesis
6.1 Stoichiometry and Bacterial Energetics (contributors: Hyung Sool Lee, University of Waterloo)
6.2 Electrode respiring bacteria Kinetics (contributors: Weiwei Cai, Harbin Institute of Technology)
6.3 Microbial ecology, meta-omics characterization and biofilm-related aspects (Ye Deng, RCEES, CAS)
6.4 Influence of bioelectrochemistry on microbial community and metabolism pathway
Chapter 7: Outlook