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Biofuels: Combustion Performance and Emissions

Biofuels: Combustion Performance and Emissions

Khizer Saeed

ISBN: 978-1-119-26675-4

Sep 2020

376 pages

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This book examines biofuels from both a combustion and emissions perspective, presenting a clear link between the biofuels feedstocks and production methodologies, and the end properties of the biofuels, their quality, combustion performance and emissions. A variety of promising biofuels are considered including bio-alcohols, bio-oils, biodiesels, biogas and synthetics fuels, and the focus is primarily on internal combustion engines for transportation, and combined heat and power systems.

Following an introductory chapter on biofuels, the book presents in-depth discussions on:
• The effects of biofuels feedstocks and production methodologies on biofuels end quality or properties.
• The methodologies for biofuels characterization focussing on the experimental measurement technique, testing and analysis.
• Theoretical approaches for modelling combustion characteristics of biofuels.
• The impact of the biofuels quality on the engine performance and emissions.
• Global policies and standards concerning biofuels purity, combustion and stability.

Throughout the book, comparisons are drawn with existing fossil fuels, and the book concludes with an outlook on the possible challenges for future development of the biofuels industry.

This book will provide academic researchers, students, industrial scientists and engineers with an overview of the current understanding regarding physical properties of biofuels and the resulting impact on engine performance and emissions.