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Biological Control in Plant Protection: A Colour Handbook

Biological Control in Plant Protection: A Colour Handbook

Neil Helyer, Kevin Brown, Nigel D. Cattlin

ISBN: 978-1-840-76117-7

Aug 2010

128 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This Colour Handbook reviews the natural predators, parasites and pathogens used to control pest populations and analyses their characteristics and practical applications. It is designed to enable the reader to anticipate, recognise and resolve specific problems of pest management. Intended as a concise accessible reference to the field, this book will be of interest to a broad spectrum of academic, professional and lay readers; the growers and the consultants advising them, students in horticulture and crop science and scientists in a broad range of related disciplines.

* Superb, detailed colour photographs and line drawings of predator, parasite and pest species.

* Accessible, practical format.

* Covers all the major commercial planting environments; Arable, Orchard, Glasshouse and Ornamental (parks and gardens).

* Unique world wide coverage.

* Comperhensively corss-referenced by crop, pest, and pest control species (parasites and predators).
Preface, Section 1: Plant environments, Arable environments, Orchards, Protected environments. Section 2: Pest profiles, Pest identification guide, Common pest species, Aphids and psyllids, Leaf hoppers, Mealybugs, Scale insects, Whitefly, Caterpillars (moths), Leaf miners, Spider mites, Thrips, Sciarids, Slugs and snails, Beetles, Vine weevils, Woodlice. Section 3: Beneficial profiles, Parasitic wasps, Predatory midges, Dance flies, Hoverflies, Predatory insects, Predatory lacewings, Predatory mites, Centipedes, Ladybirds, Ground beetles, Carabid beetles, Tiger beetles, Rove beetles, Earwigs, Spiders, Harvestmen. Section 4: Entomopathogens, Nematodes, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses. Practical tips for gardeners, Index.

  • Covers all the major planting environments; Arable, Orchard, and Protected

  • World wide coverage

  • Superb colour photographs of predator, parasite and pest species

  • Accessible, practical format for use in the field, office and laboratory

  • Section of practical tips for gardeners