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Biologische Bodensanierung: Methodenbuch

Biologische Bodensanierung: Methodenbuch

Kassem Alef (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62449-2 February 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 283 Pages




This guidebook is one of the first to give a comprehensive treatment of the basics, aims and methods of biological soil decontamination.
It first presents the characteristics of contaminated soils and then moves on to the basics of the microbial degradation of toxic substances. Detailed descriptions of the various methods come next, e.g. decontamination techniques either in the laboratory or on the spot. These descriptions generally cover: General Remarks, Measurement Principles, Instruments, Reactants, Procedures, Standardization, Calculation of Results, Discussion/Interpretation of Data, References.

Moreover these vital questions are answered:
* How are such soil decontaminations planned and carried out?
* Which regulations (safety etc) must be adhered to?
* How can soils be reused?

This excellent guide is an indispensable handbook for soil decontamination firms, disposal site operators, laboratories for environmental analysis and ecotoxicology, environmental bureaus, soil scientists, agricultural scientists, soil microbiologists, agricultural scientists, engineers.
Aus dem Inhalt:
Sanierungsziele, Untersuchungsstrategie, Richtlinien und Sicherheitsaspekte/
Mikrobiologische Charakterisierung kontaminierter Boden/
Biologischer Abbau von
organischen Umweltchemikalien, Anreicherung und Isolierung von Umweltchemikalien
abbauenden Mikroorganismen/
Bestimmung von organischen Kontaminationen im Boden/
Optimierung der Abbau-Parameter im Labor/
Okotoxikologische Verfahren/
Biologische Sanierung schwermetallkontaminierter Boden mit Pflanzen/
Wiederverwertung biologisch sanierter Boden