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Biology and Ecology of Fishes, 3rd Edition

Biology and Ecology of Fishes, 3rd Edition

James S Diana, Thomas Hook, Stuart Ludsin

ISBN: 978-1-119-50574-7

Jul 2020, Wiley-Blackwell

536 pages

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Biology and Ecology of Fishes considers both biological and management needs in the field of fish ecology. The book emphasizes how fish deal with environmental conditions in their survival, growth, and population processes.
The emphasis of the book is concepts, not methods. On occasion, methods are described to better educate the reader in these areas, but not in great detail.
The second edition focused on application of ecological knowledge to some processes and ecosystems important to humans. This revised third edition will focus on ecological impacts that have resulted in large change in fish communities, like aquaculture and fisheries, conservation of fishes, and ecological change.

Biology and Ecology of Fishes will act as a text for students studying fish ecology or fishery biology, as well as enabling practicing fish ecologists and fishery managers to better understand how to conduct and interpret ecological studies on fishes, both in the lab and field.