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Biology of Growth of Domestic Animals

Biology of Growth of Domestic Animals

Colin G. Scanes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-813-82906-7

May 2003, Wiley-Blackwell

408 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The latest advances in knowledge of growth biology are now available in a single, seminal volume. Biology of Growth of Domestic Animals critically examines the fundamental process of growth both from a systems viewpoint (mathematical aspects, modeling, cell and molecular biology, hormones, growth factors, the extra-cellular matrix) and at the organ level (muscle, adipose, mammary gland and bone). The text considers the interface of growth with other disciplines including nutrition, genetics, and environment management, as well as specific aspects of growth in livestock and companion animal species. Man’s relationship with animals is reviewed as an introduction to the importance of domestic animals which have been critical to human development providing nutrition, income, transportation, locomotive power, companionship and entertainment.

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1. Origins Of Domestic Animals And Their Importance To Man.

2. Fundamental Concepts of Growth.

3. Methods to Measure Animal Composition.

4. Approaches to Assess Animal Growth Potential.

5. Hormones and Growth.

6. Growth Factors.

7. Extra-cellular Matrix and Growth.

8. Muscle Growth.

9. Bone Growth.

10. Adipose Growth.

11. Modeling and Growth.

12. Animal Growth and Meat Quality.

13. Growth of the Mammary Gland.

14. Nutrition and Growth.

15. Genetics and Growth.

16. Environment and Growth.

17. Growth/Performance Enhancement.

18. Immunological Manipulation of Growth.

19. Growth of Livestock.

20. Growth of Poultry.

21. Growth of Companion Animals

  • One of the few detailed studies available on this groundbreaking subject
  • Concise and comprehensive, chapters cover hormones, muscles and bones, through to nutrition, genetics, performance enhancement and immunological manipulation
  • An essential textbook for students, researchers, producers and agricultural business operators