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Biomarkers for Antioxidant Defense and Oxidative Damage

Biomarkers for Antioxidant Defense and Oxidative Damage

Giancarlo Aldini, Kyung-Jin Yeum, Etsuo Niki, Robert M. Russell

ISBN: 978-0-813-81535-0

Oct 2010

380 pages

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Biomarkers for Antioxidant Defense and Oxidative Damage: Principles and Practical Applications critically evaluates the basic concepts and methodologies of conventional biomarkers as well as current state-of-the-art assays for measuring antioxidant activity/oxidative stress and their practical applications. . Biomarkers for Antioxidant Defense and Oxidative Damage: Principles and Practical Applications will be of a great interest to scientists who are involved in basic research on oxidation, applied scientists evaluating the effects of nutraceuticals or pharmaceutical compounds on antioxidant activity/oxidative stress, and physicians who want to understand the degree of oxidative damage in patients with certain chronic diseases.

Discovering sensitive and specific biomarkers for systemic oxidative damage is essential to understand the role of oxidative stress in human disease. Once these roles are clearly understood, we are able to identify novel drug and nutraceutical targets. This volume goes beyond conventional analytical methods of measuring overall antioxidant activity and provides insight to the discovery of biomarkers that reveal information on specific areas of oxidative stress. Contributed by an international list of experts, Biomarkers for Antioxidant Defense and Oxidative Damage: Principles and Practical Applications describes both conventional biomarkers and recent developments in this area.

Special Features:

  • Discusses conventional biomarkers as well as recent advances for measuring antioxidants and oxidative stress
  • Biomarkers for lipid peroxidation: isoprostane, hydroxyloctadecaenoic acid, oxysterols, and reactive carbonyl species from lipid peroxidation
  • Biomarkers for protein oxidation: carbonylation, tyrosine oxidation, ubiquitin-conjugation
  • Biomarkers for DNA oxidative damage: comet assay, hydroxylated nucleotides, and exocylcic DNA adducts
  • Recently developed biomarkers from cutting-edge technology


1. Antioxidant Activity and Oxidative Stress: An Overview (Kyung-Jin Yeum, Robert M. Russell, and Giancarlo Aldini).

2. Enzymatic Antioxidant Defenses (Sayuri Miyamoto, Hirofumi Arai, and Junji Terao).

3. Antioxidants as Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress (Ikuyo Ichi and Shosuke Kojo).

4. LDL Oxidation as a Biomarker of Antioxidant Status (Mohsen Meydani, EunHee Kong, and Ashley Knight).

5. The Isoprostanes: Accurate Markers and Potent Mediators of Oxidant Injury in Vivo (Joshua D. Brooks, Brian E. Cox, Klarissa D. Hardy, Stephanie C. Sanchez, Sonia Tourino, Tyler H. Koestner, Jocelyn R. Hyman-Howard, and Ginger L. Milne).

6. Hydroxyoctadecadienoic Acid (HODE) as a Marker of Linoleic Acid Oxidation (Yasukazu Yoshida and Etsuo Niki).

7. Oxysterols: Potential Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress (Luigi Iuliano and Ulf Diczfalusy).

8. Lipid Peroxidatin Originating α,β-unsaturated Aldehydes and Their Metabolites as Biomarkers (Françoise Guéraud).

9. Oxidation Modification of Proteins: An Overview (Paul J. Thornalley and Naila Rabbani).

10. Immunochemical Detection of Lipid Peroxidation-specific Epitopes (Koji Uchida).

11. Mass Spectrometric Strategies for Identification and Characterization of Carbonylated Peptides and Proteins (Marina Carini and Marica Orioli).

12. Nitrotyrosine: Quantitative Analysis, Mapping in Proteins, and Biological Significance (José Souza, Silvina Bartesaghi, Gonzalo Peluffo, and Rafael Radi).

13. Ubiquitin Conjugates: A Sensitive Marker of Oxidative Stress (Fu Shang and Allen Taylor).

14. Covalent Modifications of Albumin Cys34 as a Biomarker of Mild Oxidative Stress (Giancarlo Aldini, Kyung-Jin Yeum, and Giulio Vistoli).

15. Protein S-glutathionilation and S-cysteinilation (Graziano Colombo, Aldo Milzani, Roberto Colombo, and Isabella Dalle-Donne).

16. DNA Oxidation, Antioxidant Effects, and DNA Repair Measured with the Comet Assay (Mária Dušinská and Andrew R. Collins).

17. Hydroxylated Nucleotides: Measurement and Utility as Biomarkers for DNA Damage, Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidant Efficacy (Phyllis E. Bowen).

18. Exocyclic DNA Adducts as Biomarkers of Antioxidant Defense and Oxidative Stress (Roger W.L. Godschalk).


""Chemists, pharmacologists, and other researchers describe the principles behind current methods for measuring antioxidant activity and oxidative stress and their practical applications in specific health situations."" (SciTech Book News, December 2010)