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Biomedical Use of Radiation: Part B - Therapeutic Applications

Biomedical Use of Radiation: Part B - Therapeutic Applications

William R. Hendee (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-29456-5

Feb 1999

600 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The types of radiation routinely used for medical diagnosis and treatment ranges from different kinds of electromagnetic radiation (radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray) to ultrasound. Keeping pace with all the different methods, their specific advantages and their hidden dangers is almost impossible.

Written by experienced experts mainly from the US, this handbook provides a comprehensive overview over the principles, advantages and potential risks of all radiation-based methods commonly used. Volume A describes the acting mechanisms for different types of radiation, volume B focuses on their clinical applications, the information collected by each method and their potential risks.

An indispensable reference work for (radiation) physicians, biophysicists and medical engineers.
Production and Interaction of High-Energy X-Rays and Electrons
Dosimetry of High-Energy X-Rays and Electrons
Radiation Dose Distribution and Treatment Planning with Photon and Electron Beams
3-Dimensional Treatment Planning
Brachytherapy: Radionuclides, Dosimetry and Dose Distribution
Brachytherapy: Treatment Devices and Treatment Planning
Hadron Therapy
Therapeutic Applications of Non-Ionizing Radiation
Modelling the Effectiveness of Radiation Treatment
Radiation Protection and Shielding: High-Energy Photons and Neutrons
A Glimpse into the Future