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Maximilian Lackner

ISBN: 978-3-527-34456-7

Aug 2021

380 pages


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The first part of the book establishes the importance of biobased and biodegradable plastics in response to the mainly petroleum based plastics, while the technical and industrial aspects of biobased and biodegradable plastics, such as resources, manufacturing, recycling and regulations, are comprehensively treated in the second part. The next part deals with the challenges of an increase in biobased and biodegradable plastics, such as the impact on plastic recycling efforts and the necessary regulatory framework, and addresses the impact on markets and users. The book closes with selected examples of cutting edge research from around the world.
1 Synthesis of bioplastics
2 Users of bioplastics
Current and future users along the value chain
3 Data on bioplastics
Technical information
How can IPR be structured to maximize proliferation
5 Mega trends
Which trends affect bioplastics use
6 Market data bioplastics
Which trends do bioplastics show?
What is their current status?
7 Monomers: Biorefineries and gasification
How to produce feedstock
8 Politics and lobbying
Necessary legal tools and frameworks
9 Processing of bioplastics
Difference of bioplastics to conventional one
10 Agro raw materials for bioplastics
How to produce feedstock
11 A roadmap for 90% bioplastics by 2050
12 Frontiers in bioplastics research I: PHB from sunlight and CO2
13 Frontiers in bioplastics research II: tbd
14 Frontiers in bioplastics research III: tbd
15 Frontiers in bioplastics research IV: tbd
16 Frontiers in bioplastics research V: tbd