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Bioseparation and Bioprocessing: A Handbook

Bioseparation and Bioprocessing: A Handbook

Ganapathy Subramanian (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61964-1 April 2008 1052 Pages

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Rapid developments in biotechnology create a demand for practical, up-to-date reviews written by and for experts in industry. This compact handbook provides all relevant up-to-date information on important bioseparation and bioprocessing techniques that are actively applied in the biotechnology industries. The handbook presents an applications-orientated overview on
  • case studies and general strategies for quality control and characterization
  • detailed guidelines on developing economic and technically feasible bioseparation schemes
  • strategies and methods for intracellular bioproduct release
  • chromatographic and membrane downstream processes used in biotechnology
  • applications of modern non-invasive methods such as neural networks for on-line estimation and control of fermentation variables on an industrial scale
  • a practical, commercially-relevant guide to biosafety
  • and many more aspects which are indispensible for present and future industrial success.

2 Volume Set: Volume I: Biochromatography - Membrane Separations - Modeling - Validation; Volume II: Processing - Quality and Characterisation - Economics, Safety and Hygiene


Strategies in Downstream Processing (Y. Chisti).

Protein Stability in Downstream Processing (K. Hejnaes, et al.).

Production of Transgenic Protein (G. Wright & J. Noble).

Harvesting Recombinant Protein Inclusion Bodies (A. Middelberg & B. O'Neill).

The Application of Glycobiology for the Generation of Recombinant Glycoprotein Therapeutics (J. Damm).

The Release of Intracellular Bioproducts (A. Middelberg).

Microcarriers in Cell Culture Produktion (B. Lundgren & G. Blüml).

Purification and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies (P. Matejtschuk, et al. ).


Biological Standardization of Interferons and Other Cytokines (A. Meager).

The Strategic Role of Assays in Process Development: A Case Study of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectroscopy as a Tool for Biopharmaceutical Development (T. Meyers, et al. ).

Quality Control of protein Primary Structure by Automated Sequencing and Mass Spectrometry (P. Jackson & S. Bayne).

General Strategies for the Characterization of Carbohydrates from Recombinant Glycoprotein Therapeutics (G. Gerwig & J. Damm).


Biosafety (Y. Chisti).

Process Hygiene in Production Chromatography and Bioseparation (G. Kemp).

Strategies and Considerations for Advanced Economy in Downstream Processing of Biopharmaceutical Proteins (J. Walter).

The editor has done an excellent job in bringing together such a comprehensive group of authors all of whom have a great deal of expertise in their own particular fields. All the chapters are well written and give a balanced critique of the subject in a clear and readable style. These two volumes provide a good basis for understanding the requirements of separation/purification in biotechnology and options available when designing a strategy. It is recommended reading for all those involved in biotechnology who need to appreciate the problems associated with obtaining a commercially viable product.