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Biostatistics & Clinical Trials Biostatistics & Clinical Trials

Discover our key Biostatistics and Clinical Trials titles covering all aspects of statistical, mathematical, and computer methods applied to the biological and health sciences.

Biostatisticians play a key role in the design, conduct and analysis of research studies into health and disease and these titles will help you stay up to date on the latest research in this critical yet diverse area.

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Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

Measuring Agreement: Models, Methods, and Applications

Pankaj K. Choudhary, Haikady N. Nagaraja

Causal Inference in Statistics: A Primer

Judea Pearl, Madelyn Glymour, Nicholas P. Jewell

Understanding and Conducting Research in the Health Sciences

Christopher J. L. Cunningham, Bart L. Weathington, David J. Pittenger

Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Michael Borenstein, Larry V. Hedges, Julian P. T. Higgins, Hannah R. Rothstein

Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials: A Practical Perspective

Susan S. Ellenberg, Thomas R. Fleming, David L. DeMets

Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions, 3rd Edition

Joseph L. Fleiss, Bruce Levin, Myunghee Cho Paik

Introductory Biostatistics, 2nd Edition

Chap T. Le, Lynn E. Eberly

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Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

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