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Biotechnology, Focus 1: Fundamentals, Applications, Information

Biotechnology, Focus 1: Fundamentals, Applications, Information

R. K. Finn (Editor), Paul Präve (Editor), M. Schlingmann (Editor), W. Crueger (Editor), K. Esser (Editor), R. Thauer (Editor), F. Wagner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-03737-8

Nov 1993

436 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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An up-to-date collection of brief monographs and reviews by prominent international contributors which define and hone the blurred boundaries of biotechnology. Divided into three parts, it contains a scientific section offering branches of interest to encourage further exploration. Part two features a selection of individual topics presenting biotechnology from a practical perspective with emphasis on new methods currently of importance. Lastly, it features data on research and education in Europe including other institutions such as Dechema along with market information and profiles of European industries.
Partial table of contents:


Extremely Thermophilic Microorganisms (K. Stetter).

Measurement Techniques for Bioreactors (M. Reuss).

Fungi as Pathogens in Humans and Animals (B. Gedek).


Fundamental Methods of Genetics (U. Stahl & U. Schmidt).

Immobilization of Whole Cells (J. Klein & K. Vorlop).


Aspartame (H.-D.


Chemical Synthesis of DNA (R. Marquardt).

Gene Centers.

European Federation of Biotechnology.

Market for Amino Acids.

Bibliography Selection.


Subject Index.