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Bipolar and MOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Bipolar and MOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Alan B. Grebene

ISBN: 978-0-471-43078-0

Nov 2002

912 pages

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A practical, engineering book discussing the most modern and general techniques for designing analog integrated circuits which are not digital (excluding computer circuits). Covers the basics of the devices, manufacturing technology, design procedures, shortcuts, and analytic techniques. Includes examples and illustrations of the best current practice.
Integrated-Circuit Fabrication.

Active Devices in Integrated Circuits.

Passive Components: Diodes, Resistors, and Capacitors.

Bias Circuits.

Basic Gain Stages.

Analog Design with MOS Technology.

Operational Amplifiers.

Wideband Amplifiers.

Analog Multipliers and Modulators.

Voltage Regulators.

Integrated-Circuit Oscillators and Timers.

Phase-Locked-Loop Circuits.

Integrated-Circuit Filters.

Data Conversion Circuits: Digital-To-Analog Converters.

Data Conversion Circuits: Analog-To-Digital Converters.