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Black Books Galore's Guide to Great African American Children's Books



Black Books Galore's Guide to Great African American Children's Books

Donna Rand, Toni Trent Parker, Sheila Foster

ISBN: 978-0-471-19353-1 September 1998 256 Pages


"This is a great resource that fills a tremendous need. It shouldbe on parents' shelves at home as well as in every school." --AlvinF. Poussaint, M.D. Harvard Medical School

These are exciting times for African American children'sliterature. Never before have there been so many titles available.Now the three mothers who founded Black Books Galore! --thenation's leading organizer of festivals of African Americanchildren's books --share their expert advice on how to find andchoose the best. This fully annotated guide opens the door to awonderful world of reading for the children in your life. Here arethe most positive, the best-written, and the most acclaimed booksin every category, including board books, story and picture books,fiction, nonfiction, poetry, history, biography, fables, andmore.

Invaluable for parents, teachers, and librarians, this easy-to-use,illustrated reference guide features:
* Quick, lively descriptions of 500 books, plus 200 additionalrecommendations
* Helpful guidelines for encouraging young readers
* Easy-to-find listings organized by age level and indexed bytitle, topic, author, and illustrator
* Portraits of selected authors and illustrators
* Listings of award winners and Reading Rainbow Books.
Read Aloud Books (Babies to Preschoolers).

Books for Primary Readers (Kindergarten -
Third Grade).

Books for Secondary Readers (Fourth Grade -
Sixth Grade).

Books for Middle School Readers (Seventh Grade -
Ninth Grade).



"BLACK BOOKS GALORE! is distinct from similar efforts that selections are 'children's' books, as opposed to works of Black literature that youth should be encouraged to read."--Emerge, October 1998