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BlackBerry Application Development For Dummies

BlackBerry Application Development For Dummies

Karl G. Kowalski

ISBN: 978-0-470-46711-4

Oct 2010

408 pages

Select type: Paperback


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The first introductory book to developing apps for the BlackBerry

If you're eager to start developing applications for the BlackBerry, then this is the hands-on book for you! Aimed directly at novice developers, this beginner guide introduces you to the basics of the BlackBerry API and shows you how to create a user interface, store and sync data, optimize code, manage applications, connect to a network, create enterprise applications using MDS Studio, create Web content, and more. Packed with examples, this straightforward guide takes you from the beginning of the BlackBerry application cycle completely to the end.

  • Guides you through the process of developing applications for the BlackBerry
  • Presents an overview of the BlackBerry, including detailed explanations on the architecture and an in-depth look at the programming API
  • Introduces MDS Studio, which is the latest tool from RIM for building enterprise applications
  • Offers novice developers numerous reusable code examples that can be immediately used
  • Explains how to store and sync data, optimize code, manage applications, connect to networks, and more

BlackBerry Application Development For Dummies puts you well on your way to creating BlackBerry apps the fun and easy way!


Part I: Getting Started on BlackBerry Apps.

Chapter 1: Gathering What You Need to Develop BlackBerry Apps.

Chapter 2: Registering and Downloading.

Chapter 3: Coding with the BlackBerry Java Development Environment.

Part II: BlackBerry Application Development.

Chapter 4: Designing and Organizing Your BlackBerry App.

Chapter 5: Setting Up Screens and User Interfaces.

Chapter 6: Storing Your Users' Data.

Chapter 7: Getting Tied Up in Threads.

Part III: Developing Enterprise-Class BlackBerry Apps.

Chapter 8: Writing Apps for the Enterprise.

Chapter 9: Networking Your BlackBerry App.

Part IV: Finishing and Debugging Your App.

Chapter 10: Running Your Code on a Real Device.

Chapter 11: Debugging Your Application.

Chapter 12: Submitting to the BlackBerry App World.

Part V: Securing and Supporting Your App.

Chapter 13: Best Practices for Application Development.

Chapter 14: Application Deployment and Upgrades.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15: Ten Most Useful Sample BlackBerry Apps.

Chapter 16: Ten BlackBerry Development Tips.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Device and Service Simulators.

Appendix B: Real Devices and Services.


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