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Blackwell Handbook of Perception

Blackwell Handbook of Perception

E. Bruce Goldstein (Editor), Glyn W. Humphreys (Consulting Editor), Margaret Shiffrar (Consulting Editor), William Yost (Consulting Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20683-5

Feb 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

800 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This state-of-the-art handbook provides an authoritative overview of the field of perception, with special emphasis on new developments and trends.

List of Contributors.

1. Cross-Talk Between Psychophysics and Physiology in the Study of Perception: E Bruce Goldstein (University of Pittsburgh).

2. Principles of Neural Processing: Michael W. Levine (University of Illinois).

3. Basic Visual Processes: Laura J. Frishman (University of Houston).

4. Color Vision: James Gordon (Hunter College) and Israel Abramov (Brooklyn College of CUNY).

5. Visual Space Perception: Hal A. Sedgwick (SUNY College of Optometry).

6. Object Perception: Mary A. Peterson (University of Arizona).

7. The Neuropsychology of Visual Object and Space Perception: Glyn W. Humphreys (University of Birmingham) and M. Jane Riddoch (University of Birmingham).

8. Movement and Event Perception: Maggie Shiffrar (Rutgers University).

9. Visual Attention: Marvin M. Chun (Vanderbilt Vision Research Center) and Jeremy M. Wolfe (Center for Opthalmic Research).

10. Separate Visual Systems for Action and Perception: Melvyn A. Goodale (University of Western Ontario) and G. Keith Humphrey (University of Western Ontario).

11. Pictorial Perception and Art: E. Bruce Goldstein (University of Pittsburgh).

12. Basic Auditory Processes: Brian C. J. Moore (University of Cambridge).

13. Loudness, Pitch and Timbre: Brian C. J. Moore (University of Cambridge).

14. Auditory Localization and Scene Perception: William A. Yost (Loyola University).

15. Perception of Music: W. Jay Dowling (University of Texas at Dallas).

16. Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition: Research and Theory: Miranda Cleary (Indiana University) and David B. Pisoni (Indiana University).

17. Cutaneous Perception: Janet M. Weisenberger (Ohio State University).

18. Olfaction: Beverly J. Cowart (Monell Chemical Senses Center) and Nancy E. Rawson (Monell Chemical Senses Center).

19. Taste: Harry T. Lawless (Cornell University).

20. Perceptual Development: Vision: Janet Gwiazda (The New England College of Optometry) and Eileen E. Birch (Retina Foundation of the Southwest).

21. Development of the Auditory, Gustatory, Olfactory, and Somatosensory Systems: Lynne A. Werner (Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science) and Ilene L. Bernstein (University of Washington).

22. Brain Mechanisms for Synthesizing Information from Different Sensory Modalities: Barry E. Stein (Bowman Grey School of Medicine) and Mark T. Wallace (Bowman Grey School of Medicine) and Terrence R. Stanford (Bowman Grey School of Medicine).

23. Modularity in Perception, its Relation to Cognition and Knowledge: Ken Nakayama (Harvard University).

  • Surveys the entire field of perception, including vision, hearing, taste, olfaction, and cutaneous sensibility.
  • Ideal for researchers and teachers looking for succinct, state-of-the-art overviews of areas outside their speciality, and for anyone wanting to know about current research and future trends.
  • Uses a tutorial approach that results in a balanced description of topics.
  • A 'Selected Readings' section points to general references that provide more detailed treatments of each topic; 'Additional Topics' provide references to important topics.
  • Written by noted authorities in the field.