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Blockcopolymer Nanotechnology: Technology and Applications

Blockcopolymer Nanotechnology: Technology and Applications

Massimo Lazzari

ISBN: 978-3-527-80432-0

Jul 2019

350 pages

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Covering the latest developments over the past decade, this book fills the need for an overview of nanotechnology using block copolymers.
With specific attention to applications in several areas of technological interest, this monograph takes a detailed look at the different aspects of this research field, drawing on disciplines ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine, including micro- and nanolithography, membranes, optical labeling and drug delivery. Going beyond synthesis and characterization, the text comprehensively covers the nanotechnology-enabled applications of block copolymers that have already been realized, such as solar cells and block copolymers in cancer therapy, and provides a look at the most promising future developments and large-scale applications.
For newcomers to the field as well as for experienced researchers and practitioners who are particularly interested in the application potential of block copolymers.
Processing of Block Copolymer Thin Films
Block Copolymer-Enabled Nanolithography
Patterning with Block Copolymers
Block Copolymer Composites based on Metal Nanoparticles
Block Copolymer Nanocomposites
Block Copolymer Electrolytes
Block Copolymer-Based Photovoltaics
Block Copolymer-Based Cancer Therapy
Block Copolymer-Based Gene Therapy
Biometic Block Copolymers
Future Perspectives