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Blogging For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Blogging For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Susannah Gardner, Shane Birley

ISBN: 978-1-118-25753-1 October 2011 384 Pages


The blogging bestseller, now fully updated to reflect the latest tools and techniques

Blogging is forever evolving, and remains essential for anyone who wants a distinctive Web presence. There are many options that surround blogging-on everything from blogging software to hosting services-and this fun and friendly guide gets you started so can begin logging in hours of blogging!

Building on the success of the two previous bestselling editions, this latest revision includes essential blogging basics, the elements required of a good blog, and the tools you'll need to get started. You'll discover how to determine the right blogging software for you, whether you should run your own blog or use a full-service hosting site, and how to set up an account and write your first post.

  • Builds on the two previous bestselling editions and covers the latest advertising tools to attract an audience, methods for making money with your blog, and ways to measure your blog's success
  • Includes updates to the major blogging software utilities including Google's Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress
  • Walks you through the latest search engine optimization techniques for increasing your blog's visibility
  • Reviews the newest plug-ins and gadgets that will allow you to extend your blog

If you're in a fog about how to blog, then this easy-to-understand guide is the right book for you.


Part I: Getting Started with Blogs.

Chapter 1: Discovering Blog Basics.

Chapter 2: Entering the Blogosphere.

Chapter 3: Choosing and Hosting Blog Software.

Part II: Setting Up Your Blog.

Chapter 4: Starting a Blogger Blog.

Chapter 5: Starting a WordPress Blog.

Chapter 6: Starting a Micro Blog.

Part III: Fitting In and Feeling Good.

Chapter 7: Finding Your Niche.

Chapter 8: Creating Great Content.

Chapter 9: Building Community with Comments.

Part IV: Going Beyond Words.

Chapter 10: Working with Photos.

Chapter 11: Starting a Podcast.

Chapter 12: Working with Videos.

Part V: Marketing and Promoting Your Blog.

Chapter 13: Reaching Out with RSS.

Chapter 14: Joining the Twitterverse.

Chapter 15: Diving in to Social Networking.

Chapter 16: Measuring Blog Presence.

Part VI: Getting Business-y with It.

Chapter 17: Making Mad Mad Money.

Chapter 18: Blogging for Companies.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways of Growing Community.

Chapter 20: Ten Cool Tricks for Making Your Blog Shine.

Chapter 21: Ten Blogs You Should Know.

Appendix A: Glossary.

Appendix B: Basic HTML Code.