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Board Leadership Newsletter: Policy Governance in Action, Number 66, 2003

Board Leadership Newsletter: Policy Governance in Action, Number 66, 2003

John Carver (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-96866-3

May 2003, Jossey-Bass

8 pages

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In this issue:

Can Policy Dovernance Enhance the Complex Job of State Commissions and Boards?
by Larry Hermen

The practice of Policy Governance by a state-appointed commission or board is often complicated by the circumstances that spurred its creation and the realities that guide its operation. This is especially true when state legislatures create commissions and boards that have their members appointed by the governor. How can a state commission or board so conceived enjoy many of the benefits found by nonprofit boards practicing Policy Governance, especially as it relates to the role of its executive? Governance consultant Larry Hermen, a graduate of the Policy Governance Academy, briefly describes the accomplishments thus far by such a board in Michigan.

Dealing with the Board's First-Order and Second-Order Worries: Borrowing Trouble Effectively
by John Carver

Planning is critical, but it is important that a board distinguish between planning to achieve ends and avoid unacceptable means and actually achieving ends and avoiding unacceptable means. Achievement is the primary cocnern of a Policy Governance board. However, if a board has credible concerns that management may not complete sufficient planning, it can be useful to create carefully crafted executive limitations policies on planning.