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Body Dysmorphic Disorder: A Treatment Manual

David Veale, Fugen Neziroglu

ISBN: 978-0-470-85120-3 April 2010 496 Pages


This book is a unique treatment manual which looks at the assessment of BDD, offering an treatment model in the form of CBT and pharmacotherapy
  • Summarises the current knowledge and theoretical perspectives about BDD
  • Covers the practical aspects of assessment, engagement, and therapy
  • Uses a number of practical resources, including client handouts
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Part A Knowledge and Theory of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

1. The diagnosis of body dysmorphic disorder.

2. History of body dysmorphic disorder.

3. Epidemiology and presentation of BDD.

4. Descriptive psychopathology of BDD.

5. Psychogenic excoriation.

6. Psychological aspects of cosmetic procedures.

7. Risk factors in the development of BDD.

8. Neurobiological aspects of BDD.

9. Learning theory models of BDD.

10. A cognitive behavioral model of BDD.

11. Evidence for cognitive behavior therapy in BDD.

12. Evidence for pharmacotherapy in BDD.

Part B Assessment and Therapy.

13. Assessment.

14. Engagement and formulation.

15. Advice on cosmetic procedures.16. Imagery rescripting.

17. Modifying attentional biases.

18. Modifying cognitive processes in BDD.

19. Avoidance, compulsive, and safety-seeking behaviors.

20. Modifying appraisals.

21. Habit reversal for psychogenic excoriation.

22. Behavioral activation for depression in BDD.

23. Pharmacotherapy.

Appendix 1 Diagnostic interviews and assessment scales.

Appendix 2 Leafl ets and forms used during therapy.

Appendix 3 Resources for BDD.



“Overall my impression of this book is that it is a very useful resource to add to my clinician’s catalogue of materials to use when treating patients with BDD.”  (British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies, 1 October 2012)