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Body Language For Dummies, Portable Edition

Body Language For Dummies, Portable Edition

Elizabeth Kuhnke

ISBN: 978-1-119-94556-7

Mar 2014

268 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Communicate all the right messages – without saying a word!

At any given moment your body is revealing more about what you're really thinking and feeling than your words ever could. While some people find this fact unnerving, for world-class communication coach, Elizabeth Kuhnke, knowing how to read and control body language can be the key to success in life. In Body Language For Dummies she helps you become fluent in body language and coaches you in using your entire body to broadcast the right kinds of messages and to communicate more confidently, credibly and persuasively.

  • Know what your face is saying – learn how cues can convey much more than the words coming out of your mouth

  • Speak to the hand – find out how to position your limbs, feet, hands and fingers to influence how people see you

  • Walk the walk – discover how to move and gesture to best effect in any situation

  • Don't stand so close to me! – learn how cultural differences can influence body language

Open the book and find:

  • How the body reveals what people really mean

  • Ways to persuade, motivate and inspire others with your body language

  • How body language evolved and why we give the signals we do

  • Advice on using body language to improve your personal relationships

  • Tips for using body language as a tool for professional advancement

Learn to:

  • Understand how body language conveys messages

  • Make a great first impression using body language

  • Project with confidence in the workplace

  • Improve your silent communication

Introduction 1

Part I: In the Beginning was the Gesture 7

Chapter 1: Defining Body Language 9

Chapter 2: Looking Closer at Non-verbal Gestures 35

Part II: Starting at the Top 45

Chapter 3: Heading to the Heart of the Matter 47

Chapter 4: Facial Expressions 63

Chapter 5: The Eyes Have It 75

Part III: The Trunk: Limbs and Roots 93

Chapter 6: Take It From the Torso 95

Chapter 7: Arming Yourself 113

Chapter 8: It’s in the Palm of Your Hand 129

Chapter 9: Standing Your Ground 159

Part IV: Putting the Body Into Social and Business Context 173

Chapter 10: Territorial Rights and Regulations 175

Chapter 11: Dating and Mating 193

Chapter 12: Crossing the Cultural Divide 211

Part V: The Part of Tens 223

Chapter 13: Ten Ways to Find Out about Someone without Asking 225

Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Improve Your Silent Communication 233

Index 241