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Body and Flesh: A Philosophical Reader



Body and Flesh: A Philosophical Reader

Donn Welton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-577-18125-5 March 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 368 Pages


The concept of the body is one of the most recent, and hotly contested areas of inquiry among philosophers today.


Situating the Body: Donn Welton.

Part I: Contested Constructions:.

1. Sex and Gender.

Man and Woman: Rom Harr&eacute.

2. Gender and Performance.

Selections from Gender Trouble: Judith Butler.

3. Power, Practice, and the Body.

"Material Girl": The Effacements of Postmodern Culture: Susan Bordo.

4. The Question of Materiality.

Material Bodies: Susan Heckman;.

Selection from Bodies that Matter: Judith Butler;.

Bringing Body to Theory: Susan Bordo.

5. Renaturalization Theory.

Renaturalizing the Body (with the Help of Merleau-Ponty): Carol Bigwood.

Part II: Constitutional Matrices:.

6. Lived Body.

A Tale of Two Bodies: the Cartesian Corpse and the Lived Body: Drew Leder.

7. Body Image and Body Schema.

Body Image and Body Schema in a Deafferented Subject: Shaun Gallagher and Jonathan Cole.

8. Natural Powers and Animate Form.

Corporeal Archetypes and Power: Preliminary Clarifications and Considerations of Sex: Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.

9. Affectivity and Eros.

Affectivity, Eros and the Body: Donn Welton.

10. Habitualities.

The Ghost of Embodiment: on Bodily Habitudes and Schemata: Edward Casey.

Part III: The Flesh of Culture:.

11. Biblical Roots.

Biblical Bodies: Donn Welton.

12. Situated Bodies.

Throwing like a Girl: Iris Young;.

Pregnant Embodiment: Iris Young;.

"Throwing like a Girl": Twenty Years Later: Iris Young.

13. Slender Bodies.

Reading the Slender Body: Susan Bordo.

14. Regimented Bodies.

Male Bodies and the "White Terror": Klaus Theweleit.

15. Sculpted Bodies.

Women and the Knife: Cosmetic Surgery and the Colonization of Women's Bodies: Katherine Pauly Morgan.

16. Virtual Bodies.

Bodies, Virtual Bodies and Technology: Don Ihde.


"It may be the most comprehensive and impressive collection to date." Dorothea Olkowski, University to Denver

"The volume provides an excellent survey of theories of the body that have been advanced during the Nineties" Lieke van der Scheer, Ethical Perspectives 5

* Blends seminal essays with new and original pieces to take the analysis into new areas, and includes contributions from Judith Butler, Susan Bordo, Rom Harre, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Mary Rawlinson, Hubert Dreyfus, and Iris Young.