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Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumers Can't or Won't Say



Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumers Can't or Won't Say

Dan Hill

ISBN: 978-0-471-44439-8 August 2003 272 Pages


In Body of Truth, Dan Hill, PhD, explores the rational approach to marketing and market research, using the latest findings on human cognition and communication to help marketers tap into consumers’ real needs and wants. Hill backs his argument with new technology such as biofeedback and facial coding to measure and record consumers’ true sensory responses to products and advertisements, providing a framework for developing marketing initiatives that elicit the optimal emotional response.

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Introduction: Laying the Groundwork for Sensory Logic.

Chapter 1. Fighting the Battle: How to Make the Case for the New Marketing Paradigm.

Chapter 2. Rationality Redefined: How Cognition and Communication Actually Work.

Chapter 3. Marketing Backed by Science: Applying Scientific Insights for Marketing Success.

Chapter 4. The New Research: Understanding How Consumers Really View Your Products.

Chapter 5. Using Emotive Branding: How to Tap into Consumers’ Deepest Emotions.

Chapter 6. Powerful Brand Story Design: Creating a Narrative That Will Solidify Consumer Devotion.

Chapter 7. Emotional Positioning: How to Sell Your Products Based on Their Emotional Resonance.

Chapter 8. Using Emotive Scripts: Tapping into Consumers’ Emotional Memory Banks.

Chapter 9. Consumers’ Evolutionary Needs: Appealing to Humans’ Innate Desires.

Chapter 10. Looking Forward: How Science Will Continue to Benefit Marketing.



  • The author has a strong platform within the subject of consumer behavior and the book focuses on the latest scientific findings on the brain and consumer consciousness. Hill covers every marketing medium from print to radio ads, plus product design, packaging and store enviornment, demonstrating the most effective ways to reach consumers on a sensory, sub-conscious level. This book is ideal for any student enrolled in a consumer behavior course.
  • Body of Truth is based on extensive data that Hill has developed for students studying brand and marketing. Hill's premise is that marketers are mistaken in seeing consumers as rational decision-makers; rather, stellar marketing strategies appeal to consumers' sub-conscious reactions.