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Bonding: Infantile and Parental Attachments

Bonding: Infantile and Parental Attachments

Martin Herbert

ISBN: 978-1-854-33196-0 April 1996 Wiley-Blackwell 36 Pages


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The aims of this guide are to provide the practitioner with the means to assess parental bonding and infantile attachments. A description of infantile attachments, a look at contentious issues, evidence for and against the 'critical period' and a proforma to describe and rate parental attachments are included.
1. Infantile attachments.

2. Assessing quality of child - parent attachments.

3. Measuring ane assessing bonding.

4. Influence of ethology.

5. Practical Implications.

6. Measuring parental attachment.

7. Learning to be a mother.

8. Fostering and adoption.

9. Exposure learning.

10. Physical or mental disabilities.

11. Parental bonding