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Bookkeeping and Accounting All-in-One For Dummies - UK, UK Edition

Bookkeeping and Accounting All-in-One For Dummies - UK, UK Edition

Jane E. Kelly

ISBN: 978-1-119-02661-7

Mar 2015

488 pages



UK bookkeeping and accounting basics for the rest of us

Unless you're one of those rare "numbers people," the thought of accounting and bookkeeping probably make your head spin. While these pragmatic and confusing practices may not be fun for the rest of us, mastering them is absolutely essential in order to run and maintain a successful business. Thankfully, Bookkeeping & Accounting All-in-One For Dummies, UK Edition, is here to take the intimidation out of crunching numbers and offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction on keeping your business' finances in order with information specific to a business in the United Kingdom.

Written in plain English and packed with loads of helpful instruction, this approachable and all-encompassing guide arms you with everything you need to get up and running on all the latest accounting practices and bookkeeping software. Inside, you'll find out how to prepare financial statements, balance your books, keep the tax inspector off your back, and so much more.

  • Gives you access to supplemental online samples of bookkeeping forms, accounting templates, and spreadsheets
  • Includes many practical bookkeeping and accounting exercises and templates
  • Simplifies every aspect of accounting and record-keeping
  • Shows you how to run your business "by the books"

If you're a small business owner or employee who is confused and intimidated by managing your accounts and books, this comprehensive guide empowers you to take charge of those pesky figures to keep your business afloat.

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Introduction 1

Book I: Basic Bookkeeping 5

Chapter 1: So You Want to Do the Books 7

Chapter 2: Getting Down to Bookkeeping Basics 19

Chapter 3: Outlining Your Financial Roadmap with a Chart of Accounts 39

Chapter 4: Looking at Ledgers 57

Book II: Bookkeeping Day to Day 83

Chapter 1: Planning and Controlling Your Workload 85

Chapter 2: Counting Your Sales 99

Chapter 3: Buying and Tracking Your Purchases 125

Chapter 4: Doing Your Banking 141

Book III: Undertaking Monthly and Quarterly Tasks 155

Chapter 1: Adding the Cost of Value-Added Tax (VAT) 157

Chapter 2: Employee Payroll and Benefits 171

Chapter 3: Adjusting Your Books 191

Book IV: Working to Prepare Financial Statements 209

Chapter 1: Producing a Profit and Loss Statement 211

Chapter 2: Developing a Balance Sheet 227

Chapter 3: Cash Flows and the Cash Flow Statement 245

Book V: Accountants: Managing the Business 269

Chapter 1: Discovering Different Business Types 271

Chapter 2: Choosing Accounting Methods 281

Chapter 3: Managing Profit Performance 307

Chapter 4: Cost Conundrums 331

Chapter 5: Business Budgeting: 355

Book VI: Accountants: Working with the Outside World 379

Chapter 1: Getting a Financial Report Ready for Prime Time 381

Chapter 2: How Investors Read a Financial Report 401

Chapter 3: Professional Auditors and Advisers 431

Index 445