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Boundary Issues in Counseling: Multiple Roles and Responsibilities, 3rd Edition

Boundary Issues in Counseling: Multiple Roles and Responsibilities, 3rd Edition

Barbara Herlihy, Gerald Corey

ISBN: 978-1-119-22158-6 September 2015 344 Pages


Fully revised in accordance with the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and the current ethical codes of other mental health organizations, Boundary Issues in Counseling reflects the helping profession’s most up-to-date thinking on this topic and offers a wide range of opinions and perspectives. Ethics experts Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey, along with 40 guest contributors, share their thoughts on the ethical issues surrounding sexual dual relationships; multiculturalism and social justice; counselor education, supervision, and consultation; group counseling; couples and family counseling; and school counseling. In addition, coverage extends to specialty areas, such as disaster mental health, private practice, addictions and rehabilitation counseling, rural practice, counseling in the military and forensic counseling.

This highly regarded book is essential reading for counselors struggling to find a clear personal position on the myriad issues that can arise with multiple relationships. It is also an ideal supplemental text for courses in ethics and professional issues, as well as for practicum and internship seminars to train the next generation of counselors.

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Preface ix

About the Authors xiii

Guest Contributors xv

Chapter 1 Boundary Issues in Perspective 1

Making Ethical Decisions When Faced With Thorny Boundary Issues
Ed Neukrug 22

Transcending Boundaries in Psychotherapy
Arnold A. Lazarus 27

Chapter 2 Sexual Dual Relationships 33

Ethical and Legal Perspectives on Sexual Dual Relationships
Mary A. Hermann 34

Sexual Boundary Violations in Mental Health Counseling
Beth Christensen 45

A Student’s Struggles in Dealing With Sexual Attractions
Amanda Connell 51

Chapter 3 The Client’s Perspective 59

Inclusion of the Client’s Voice in Ethical Practice
Susan L. Walden 63

From the Client’s Voice: A Postmodern, Social Constructionist Perspective on Ethical Decision Making
Ed Neukrug 69

Chapter 4 Multicultural and Social Justice Perspectives on Boundaries 77

Cultural Boundaries, Cultural Norms: Multicultural and Social Justice Perspectives
Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung 84

Multicultural and Community Perspectives on Multiple Relationships
Derald Wing Sue and Christina Capodilupo 92

Boundaries in the Context of a Collective Community: An African-Centered Perspective
Thomas A. Parham and Leon D. Caldwell 96

Boundary Issues in Counseling Latino Clients
Raul Machuca 100

Boundary Considerations in Counseling Muslim Clients
Mevlida Turkes-Habibovic 104

Chapter 5 Issues in Counselor Education 109

Dual Relationships in Counselor Education
Kristina A. Peterson and Holly A. Stadler 118

Multiple Roles That Doctoral Students Play
Kristen N. Dickens 124

Chapter 6 Issues in Supervision and Consultation 131

Subtle Boundary Issues in Supervision
L. DiAnne Borders 144

Boundary Issues With Supervisee Incompetence
Kathryn L. Henderson and Roxane L. Dufrene 147

Boundary Issues in Supervision of Addictions Counselors
Adrianne Trogden 151

Dual Role Conflicts in Consultation
A. Michael Dougherty 157

Chapter 7 Education and Training of Group Counselors 161

Dual Relationships in Training Group Workers
Holly Forester-Miller and Edward E. Moody Jr. 166

An Experiential Approach to Teaching Group Counseling
Matt Englar-Carlson 171

Combining Didactic and Experiential Approaches to Teaching a Group Counseling Course
Gerald Corey 177

Chapter 8 Group Counseling and Couples and Family Counseling 187

Boundary Considerations in Counseling Couples and Families
Amy Manfrini 194

Chapter 9 Boundary Issues in School Counseling 203

Managing Role Conflicts in School Counseling
A. Michael Dougherty, Russ Curtis, and Phyllis Robertson 208

Establishing Boundaries With Teachers, Administrators, and Parents
Catherine Geoghegan McDermott 213

Social Media Site Friendships: A Slippery Slope for School Counselors
Kellie Giorgio Camelford 216

Chapter 10 Focus on Specialty Areas: Disaster Mental Health, Private Practice, Addictions Counseling, and Rehabilitation Counseling 223

Boundaries in Disaster Mental Health
Gerard Lawson 224

Multiple Relationship Issues in Private Practice
Harriet L. Glosoff 229

Boundary Issues in Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling
Laura J. Veach 237

Managing Multiple Roles and Responsibilities in Rehabilitation Counseling
Mark Stebnicki 242

Chapter 11 Focus on Specialty Areas: Rural Practice, Counseling in the Military, Counseling Clients With End-of-Life Concerns, In-Home Service Provision, Forensic Psychology and Counseling 249

Rural Communities: Can Dual Relationships Be Avoided?
Holly Forester-Miller and Edward E. Moody Jr. 251

Multiple Relationships in Military Mental Health Counseling
W. Brad Johnson 254

Boundary Issues and Multiple Relationships When Working With Clients With End-of-Life Concerns
James L. Werth Jr. and Erica L. Whiting 259

Boundary Issues Pertaining to In-Home Service Provision
Bonnie King 266

Boundary Issues and In-Home Counseling for Clients With Disabilities
Amanda Connell 271

Managing Multiple Relationships in a Forensic Setting
Robert Haynes and Stacy L. Thacker 273

Chapter 12 Key Themes, Questions, and Decision Making 279

References 289

Index 307