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Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer

Barbara Borwell

ISBN: 978-1-861-56452-8 December 2004 280 Pages


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Colorectal cancer is one of the most common killers of the 21st century. Bowel Cancer will develop the reader's knowledge and skills in both theory and practice and will enable nurses to demonstrate a good understanding of the problems posed by bowel cancer. This increased awareness provides opportunities for nurses to develop startegies that further enhance the quality and effectiveness of patient care. Acknowledging the vital role of a good working relationship for those engaged in the different aspects of care, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to colorectal cancer for all health professionals. From evolution and treatment to patient and family-centred care, including consideration of an individual's social, spiritual and psychological needs, either in the hospital or the community setting, Bowel Cancer is an excellent overall guide for all healthcare professionals.
Part 1 The Nature of Colorectal Cancer.

Chapter 1 The Biological Basis of cancer, Barry Rawlings.

Chapter 2 Prevention and Early Detection, Barbara Borwell.

Chapter 3 Diagnosis and Staging, Barry Rawlings and Barbara Borwell.

Part 2 The Treatment of Bowel Cancer.

Chapter 4 Background to Practice, Tanya Andrewes.

Chapter 5 Bowel cancer: surgical management, Barbara Stuchfield.

Chapter 6 Chemotherapy, Tanya Andrewes.

Chapter 7 Radiotherapy, Wendy Farrell.

Part 3 Management and Care of Patients With Bowel Cancer.

Chapter 8 Psychosocial Aspects of Care, Barbara Borwell.

Chapter 9 Promoting a Patient-centred Approach to Care, Barbara Borwell.

Chapter 10 Continuity and Community Care, Catherine Hughes.

Chapter 11 Nutrition and Bowel Cancer, Emily Walters.

Chapter 12 Professional Issues, Ian Donaldson.

Chapter 13 Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care, Helen Gandhi.

Chapter 14 Help and Support for Cancer Patients and Their Families, Rose Amey.