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Brand Atlas: Branding Intelligence Made Visible

Brand Atlas: Branding Intelligence Made Visible

Alina Wheeler, Joel Katz

ISBN: 978-0-470-43342-3

Mar 2011

144 pages

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"Carrying through Alina Wheeler's trademark of beautiful layout and design, the book takes you on a journey through just about every important element of branding you could think of, from passion to positioning."
—The Influential Marketing Blog (May 2011)

A company's brand is its most valuable asset. Wheeler takes the most seminal tools used by a wide variety of thought leaders and practitioners and makes the information understandable, visible, relevant, exportable and applicable. With her best-selling debut book, Designing Brand Identity (Wall Street Journal, Best-Seller, Spotlight 1/23/2011), now in its third edition, Alina Wheeler reinvented the marketing textbook using a straightforward style to help demystify the branding process. This new offering from Wheeler, Brand Atlas, builds on this user-friendly approach to aggregate and simplify the science behind branding with a unique visual teaching method suited for time-crunched professionals.

Brand Atlas follows the recent YouTube-iPhone-Pecha Kucha era trend toward fast-paced visual instruction by neglecting needless jargon and combining vivid, full-color images and easy-to-follow diagrams to break down branding principles into basic step-by-step concepts that can be immediately applied. This handy reference:

  • Speaks to a broad range of stakeholders in the branding process—from CEOs to designers to brand managers
  • Provides tools to integrate brand throughout the entire customer experience, build relationships based on brand, measure a brand's value, and define a brand strategy
  • Contains essential information illustrated through the use of diagrams

With diagrams designed by Joel Katz, an internationally known information designer and a global authority on the visualization of complex information, Brand Atlas is a compact, no-nonsense guide that shows how tactical innovation in the design process is crucial to building brand assets.

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1 Dynamics 10

Brand Landscape

Global Sourcing 12

Speed 14

Design Thinking 16

Word of Mouth 18

Conversation 20

Interconnected 22

Open Source 24

Social Networks 26

Experience 28

Passion 30

Transparency 32

The Cloud 34

Sustainability 36

Mobility 38

Crowdsourcing 40

Free 42

Placemaking 44

Choice 46

2 Intelligence 48

Brand Basics

Brand as Identity 50

Vision 52

Needs and Desire 54

Touchpoints 56

Purpose 58

Spirit and Soul 60

Perception 62

Authenticity 64

Positioning 66

Stakeholders 68

Big Idea 70

Brand as Asset 72

Brand Extensions 74

Brand Alignment 76

Brand Architecture 78

Recognition 80

Trademarks 82

3 Drive 84

Brand Management

Names 84

Good and Different 86

Branding 90

Simplicity 92

Culture 94

Collaboration 96

Time Management 98

80/20 100

Competencies 102

Insight 104

Focus 106

Customer Service 108

Customer-centric 110

Growth 112

Metrics 114

Fight or Flight 116

Onliness Exercise 118

Perceptual Mapping 120

SWOT Exercise 122

Flow 124

4 Details 126

Brand Questions 128

Project Management 130

Brand Decisions 131

Branding Process 132

Big Idea Process 133

Bibliography 134

Credits 137

Index 138

Gratitude 141

Authors’ Reflections 142

Diagram Matrix 143

About the Authors 144